Taxi Top LED Display

LED Taxi Advertising Top Light Boxes
LED Taxi Advertising Top Light Boxes
  1. 产品简介:Synchronous with online TV,storage advertising programs for 1024pcs

Technical Parameters:
1.Material Type: import PVB ,Using 3years does not fade and breakup
2.Color : red,yellow
3.Electrical Parameter: DC9-36V,I<3A

Main Features:
1. Support Synchronous with online TV,
2. Support storage advertising programs for 1024pcs.
3. Auto synchronous internet time.
4. Support various media format
5. Support RS232 port .

Quality Control:
All products we sold are 100% strictly selected and tested by our QC Department.

We provide 1 year warranty for all products. If it is for the buyer's reason to make the item broken then need us to Repair/ Exchange , Buyer need to pay some fees .


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